Our Vision

Located in Maricopa, AZ – Waypoint Church is an exciting and friendly church. Our vision is for Waypoint Church to be a place in the city of Maricopa where all people can join together in knowing Jesus Christ through faith, action, and community.

Why Waypoint?

Waypoints are typically known as reference points, most commonly used in navigation. Historically, Christians have been known as followers of The Way. Jesus also called himself, “The Way, the Truth, and the Life”, as the ultimate reference point for our lives.  Waypoints are also known as resting and sending points on a journey. We see Waypoint Church as both a spiritual resting point as well as a sending point into the Christian life. Since life itself is often like a journey, our vision is that Waypoint Church would be a place where all people can join together on a journey of discovering faith, action, and community.

No matter what your background or church experience may be, we want to invite you to come as you are and to expect an open and authentic environment where you will be encouraged to live the life that God created you to live!



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